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Do you homeschool? Are you looking for a way to teach your children gospel principles? Discover the Scriptures products are designed with you in mind.


This website and the products I've developed have been a real labor of love that started out with my desire to help my own children learn to love the scriptures.


Reading from Discover the Book of Mormon

Several years ago, when my oldest was turning eight, I started to panic. Did she know enough? Was she ready to be baptized? Did she love the scriptures? I wanted to find a way to extend what we were already doing in Family Scripture Study and Family Home Evening. I wanted her (and my other children) to really know and love the scriptures.


That's when Discover the Book of Mormon was born. It's been changed and updated several times since then, and the past few years have seen the addition of products for the Old Testament (which I have always had a great love for), the Latter-day prophets (whose lives I think every family should study), and a workbook about the life and teachings of Christ and the New Testament.


I hope that you and your family benefit from the Discover series of products as you homeschool your children. I love hearing from kids and families about what they like (and don't like) about my products. It helps me makes important changes and improvements--so keep those comments coming!



My five children, as of this writing, are all under age 9 (only for two more weeks, as my daughter will tell you) and I am pregnant with baby number 6. We are working our way through the 1800’s and 1900’s in our history studies and I really wanted to incorporate a study of Church History, specifically the lives of our prophets, into that. My main requirement was that I needed the research already done for me. Honestly, I have come to the point in our homeschooling where I know when I have the creativity and energy to create our unit studies, and when it is worth it to use the creativity of others. I approached Rochelle of Discover the Scriptures several months ago to see if I could review Discover the Latter-Day Prophets with my children. She said yes, and that, as they say, is history. » Read more from homeschooling mom, Tristan


Our Workbooks are Great for Homeschool

If you homeschool, Discover the Scriptures offers a flexible, affordable option for gospel study. All of our products come in PDF format, ready for you to print as many copies as you need for ALL of your children. You can print the whole thing at once and have it bound, or just print the lessons you are currently working on. See our binding page for ideas about keeping everything organized.


Book of Mormon Study

Discover the Book of Mormon comes in two levels: Grades 1-3 is for children who have just learned to read but are not yet ready to tackle the Book of Mormon text itself. Younger children can work with a parent or an older sibling to read through the assigned readings in the Book of Mormon Stories reader and do the activities in the Discover the Book Mormon workbook. The Grades 1-3 workbook is also great for older kids who are still reluctant readers.


Your children who are confident readers can use Discover the Book of Mormon Grades 4-7. Many parents find that their children work through the Book of Mormon materials more than once. Have them study it, for example, at age 8-9 and then again at age 11-12. The second time through, they will get even more out of it.


Either workbook could be used as a homeschool devotional or for family scripture study. Having children "report back" what they learn in Family Home Evening or during family scripture study is a great way to check their learning and involve the whole family. Use the memory verses for family study.



Bible Study

The Old Testament, New Testament, and Latter-day Prophet materials are all designed for confident readers (fourth grade +), and for families who wish to study together. They make a great option for family scripture study, pulling out the verses from the Old Testament, for example, that most meaningfully bring the story line together. These workbooks come with project ideas and some Family Home Evening actitivies or presentations for the kids to do about what they are learning.


Homeschoolers will appreciate being able to work with children at different ages on the projects or presentations. Discover materials are also a great idea for children not yet in Seminary to use while older siblings are working on Seminary assignments. Consider coordinating so that all the children are studying the same book of scripture at the same time.


How Do You Homeschool with Discover the Scriptures?

We'd love to hear how you use Discover the Scriptures for gospel study at home. Please send us your comments and we'll post your ideas online for others to see!



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